AFP connection problems


I'm having a problem with AFP connections. I have File Sharing turned on on my Pismo. And sometimes when I have my home directory mounted on my Ti or iBook or whatever it just unmounts it's self. Then a window comes up saying that it lost the connection etc. There doesn't seem to be a patteren (like after 10 minutes it unmounts).

Also I'm having another AFP connection problems with my iBook. It sometimes for some reason won't connect to my Pismo. Either by AFP or FTP. And I also can't access the web site my Pismo also hosts. But if I try right after my iBook on my Ti it works fine. It is funny my Ti never has any problems accessing it but my iBook does. :(

check your settings in netinfo manager under config AppleFileServer, you will see an item called idle time out, which on my pismo is defaulted to ...10 minutes. Make this number larger and see if it helps.