AFP/IP dropoff from any server


I have been experiencing a problem for several months that is apparently widespread in the prepress and Graphic Design communities using OS 9.1-9.2x.
Photoshop and Quark, when accessing large files (opening files in p-shop and printing large files in quark) causes a hang in the tcp/ip connection and then eventually kicks the client off the network. My workflow isn't terribly affected by this, though it is annoying. Unfortunately, the problem is related to something much worse, network and system slowdowns on a computer which has been accessing large files, but has somehow maitained its connection. Eventually the system becomes so slow that the user is required to reboot. I have followed threads in Apple's discussion forums and on MacFixit but have seen no conclusive fix. The problem, for my department, remains insidious and irritating but luckily not completely debilitating. I only hope that someone here has some insight on this problem. It seems to affect newer G3 and G4 workstations running 9.1-9.2x. Any clues? TIA

Jeff Petersen