After Effects 5.5!


I was told that After Effects 5.5 is now in mid or late beta.

OSX native! :)

But not too sure if it's a free or pay upgrade. I guess it will be the pay upgrade :(


OS X Supreme Being
All .0 and .5 upgrades from Adobe (and most other software developers are paid upgrades, although .5 upgrades usually aren't as much as a .0 upgrade.

Again, I have to say it:

If Adobe had done "intermittent" OS X releases, or even a paid OS X beta program, they would have made a TON of money, had much more goodwill from Mac users, and would probably not be in the red for this last quarter...

Oh well. At least the upgrades will be here soon...


That is really good news...

What about photoshop?

I need that one badly. Under calssic mode, it acts werid sometime. I think it is something to do with DP.



I wish I can have info on Photoshop :(

The three apps that I am waiting for are PS, AE, and FCP....

Once they all out I can run OS X full time..and leave Office 98, Dreamweaver, and Director , Flash (maybe) under Classic.....