After Effects and 10.1???


I posted this thread into the troubleshooting forum by accident and now I found out this....'s my question...

Any AE user here still have problem rendering QuickTime file with OSX 10.1 and 9.2 combo?

I am using 10.04 (still waiting for 10.1) and 9.21. AfterEffects just keeps crashing everytime the rendering is done...only happen when rendering in QT but no problem when render into sequences.

Hope 10.1 can help otherwise that would be a nightmere for me to use AfterEffects :(
I'm having absolutly no problems with Aftereffects and 10.1.It renderes like a workhorse, speedily as ever, AND as an added bonus, just as fast while you are in another program and it is in the background (gotta love multitasking).

There are SOME display errors occasionally. Sometimes the video window will be white, a simple windowshade refreshes it. Sometimes the file open dialog does not pop up over the video window. aside from that, no other problems.

Director 8.5 and Livemotion, however.... Livemotion leads to KP's constantly and director crashes the entire classic environment on a regular basis.