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Hi i was just wondering what the hell is the "scroll lock" key on the keyboard for? I have been using macs for about 7 years and i never have once saw it light up. Does anyone know what this mysterious key is for and how to turn it on?? Thanks

It's there because PC keyboards have it.
It was part of apple's PC compatibility I think. It can be used in PC emulators I think
sorry, i messed up, i said - "dayum how do you people on these forums know all these things?" Because people are amazed when i go up to a computer and start using it, but i am nothing compared to you guys. By the Way - Does anyone know Java here and how long did it take you to learn it?

Ahhh ok...
well it's all how much od the C (curiosity) factor you got in you :)

I took 2 semesters of java. It's quite easy to learn but you need to be able to do some detective work. There are a lot of things ready in the java APIs... you just need to find out what methods you need and just use em.
ah alright thanks, well theres one more thing im wondering? ur pretty smart, what sign are you? i love astrology andi would love to describe ur outer appearance as well as personality. Thanks
Ha ha ha ha haaaa :D
Now THAT got me ;) I did not expect that :p

Well... I am a saggitarius


PS: you wouldn't happen to be a female would you? I am asking because I have been asked my sign only 6 times in my conscious life and every single time it's been a woman lol :p

PS2: I am not really smart... it's all really realtive:rolleyes:
Scroll Lock is actually one that I know the function of. Or at least what it used to be. Back in the "good ol' days," when moving a cursor around a document with the arrow keys was pretty standard, the mysterious key would (in some applications) force the display to scroll around while moving the cursor. This would, in effect, leave the cursor in the same position on screen while moving the document around beneath it. I think I've also heard that the key freezes output on some terminals (a poor man's 'more' command,) but I can't remember if that one's true. Now, what the hell does SysRq do?
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...what sign are you?...
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Ha ha ha ha haaaa :D
Now THAT got me ;) I did not expect that :p
Yeah. It's nice to see folks here have other interests besides computers. ;)

LOL sysRq doen't need a function to serve on the mac ;)
Just take a look at a regular 101 key PC keyabord and take a look at one of the ADB extended keyboards ;) they are pretty much the same. It was all PC compatibility driven :) Back then Hardware compatibility cards like OrangePC's PCI cards were out. Some keys like the F keys and scroll lock were adapted to mac apps too :)

As for other interests... for me foreign languages, music and graphix ;) Maybe later on I can make a flash animation for my site :D

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It's kind of funny how the PC keys that didn't really do anything were kept for "compatibility." Go figure.