Ahhhhhh. What am I doing wrong?


I'm trying to start up from a fresh install of 5G64 and it will only boot into 9.1! I have two drives, the stock apple drive w/ no partitions that has 9.1 on it and a maxtor 40 gig on the bus with the zip drive (I never got it to work on the other one) in 3 partitions. osx is on the third. The install went ok. I've used the software update control panel and that checks out. I didn't seem to need a firmware update (yikes G4) and I zapped the Pram.

What do I do? I want this to work!

I'm open to suggestions, so please help,




OS X is unforgiving when the drive has wrong jumper settings.

I had exactly the same problem, I was NEVER able to start from OS X in my Mac at work.

Make SURE that the Zip is jumpered to slave and the HDD to "Master - Slave present" and none of both to "Cable select" or the HDD to "Master Singe Disk"...OS X can't handle this sometimes, OS 9.x can.

hope it helps.

BTW: this could be the reason why you never got it to work on the other bus.