AIIEEEE!!! Forgot My Keychain Account Password!!


A while ago when I installed Tiger on my G5, I decided to be clever and change my Keychain account password to something other than my account password.

The problem is, I turned out to be too clever for my own good. I don't use Keychain that much, so when I did need to access it, I had forgotten my password! I'd like to reset to back to the account password, but every method I've tried, including Keychain First Aid, requires knowing the old password, which I have apparently completely forgotten.

Is there any way to reset the password without knowing the old one? I have some passwords to a few FTP and web sites in that keychain, and I'd like access to them again.

Or is this completely a lost cause, and I just have to delete the whole keychain and start over? Can I even delete the keychain without knowing the password?
The data in the keychain is encrypted with the password so if you forgot it then you are just SOL. You can just delete it from ~/Library/Keychains (IIRC) and it will be recreated the next time you need it (minus all the data of course).

This fix will lose your other saved passwords so be forewarned. Trash the login.keychain file located in ~/Library/Keychains and reboot system. Go into preferences and change your account password to something new. Change it back. That should do it.