Ailsa and Autodesk perfect match


Chic Not Geek
I have been waiting for Studio Max port for MacOS X. I am happy that Autodesk bought Alias. It will help Studio Mac and Maya work better or best.
Or Autodesk will completely kill Mac development.
They have stated in the past that they have no interest in being in the Mac space as far as 3D.
Combustion was pretty much handed to them and they eventually canned the entire dev team when v3 was delivered (they have since moved on to Apple to create Motion thank god), but it remains to be seen if there will actually be any push to keep the Mac version or code Max for OSX.
Two years ago, even six or eight months ago, I would agree on the killing statement, but now I'm not so sure. It seems they've changed their stance on the Macs. I think part of it has to do with OS X, but the main part is a combination of that and the switch of architectures to x86/Intel.

I spoke with a high-level representative a month or so ago at a trade show about AutoCAD and he seemed to be holding something back. My timescale for the purchase (having to have it) as I told him, was about 2 years out...but I thought about buying now or soon to get acquainted with it. He basically told me (knowing I'm a Mac guy) to wait a year or so before I decide...making me wonder if they aren't going to bring an OS X (MacIntel) version out. I know they've had a lot of interest from customers in a version to run on Linux/Unix (from a security, reliability, and virus-related standpoint I'd assume) so that may be their answer. Makes need to take into account the various Distros out there (and the compatibility issues that could arise) in the Linux world.
Kill Mac Develop that is highly doubtful. Sale Rep told me that they are working on release new Studio Max for Mac but something hold due to in process buy one company about 5 months ago. Now I see why they purchase Alias company.
I hate this announcement. If AutoCAD is anything to go by, we'll shortly see 3ds max with all the best features of Maya, no more Sketchbook Pro or Maya development at all on the Mac (and possibly at all).
No, but from their stockholders' point of view, continued split development of two competing products can't be sensible. Unless they want to risk essentially telling their customers that their old products was crap (or rather, crapper than a competitor's product), they'll keep 3ds max over Maya (obviously merging the featureset), and 3ds max is not Mac compatible (I doubt it ever will be; being so long into its maturity).

Sketchbook, I'll grant, may not be halted, but I would hazard a guess that Mac development of it will be: why keep on Mac developers (who, as specialists need higher wages) when you can employ more PC developers and use them for other products too.

It's not that I hate Autodesk. It's this sense of impending doom I hate :p.