Aim Away Messages


i know that, since my laptop is only a 12 inch, my font will show up smaller on my computer than it does on other peoples, however...when putting up an away message on aim, i like to change the colors of the same font. when i do this, though, it ends up (after the color change) changing to times new roman when it is looked at on PCs. for example, if i want to write an away message that is arial narrow size 16 that says "brb" and i want the b's to be black letters with a white background and the "r" to be a white letter with a black background, then it shows up on PCs as the first "b" being normal, but the the "r" and the second "b" become size 12 times new roman, each with a black background and white do i fix this or is there even a way to fix this? it is really limiting how creative i can be with away messages. the same thing, by the way, happens when i am working in my profile. although it looks normal to me, it is screwy on PCs. like, if i want it to say "cubs stink" on one line in arial narrow size 12 in blue and then on the next line i want it to say "go white sox" in arial narrow size 12 in gray, then the "go white sox" will become times new roman size 12 in gray. please help me.