AIM problems


I have just purchased a new 17'' Powerbook and am having problems with AOL Instant Messenger. I can log in fine but after a few minutes (it differs each time) I am kicked off. A message comes up saying that "This application has quit unexpectedly". It gives you the option to reopen. Everytime it kicks me off like this I lose all information related to AIM like the preference settings and profile information. If anyone has any idea what might be wrong that would be great, I have looked everywhere and haven't found anything. I have also tried reinstalling it multiple times and nothing has worked, it seems to be getting worse. Thanks.
AIM has not optimized the code of their messenger for 10.4 yet, it seems. Thatswhy the application quits, and you have the option to reopen it.
You can use your AIM handle(s) with iChat - would that do for you? You can still video chat with AIM users and have audio chats in it too. It is preinstalled in your Applications folder.
Thanks Giaguara. So there is probably nothing I can do about it? I just like using AIM more, but I guess I will have to get use to IChat.
Wait for AIM to release a new version of it, optimized for 10.4.
You might want to try Adium as well - (free) you can decide how you make hte messenger look, and it can have all the major IM systems there (AIM, YIM, msn, ICQ, Bonjour, Jabber etc). If you use more text based chats, that one is pretty neat.
I third that motion.

Adium is most likely the best IM app you'll come across for MacOS X. If i had an iSight, i guess i'd fire up iChat AV every so often to use it.