AIM Supported MacOS X HERE!!!!

This program sucks in my opinion. I've never seen a program kill a processor quicker in my life. For example: AIM sitting idle used 2-10% of the CPU. Typing into an AIM window uses 30-40% of the CPU. This is just ridiculous. I can type in Omniweb an text will appear as I type, in AIM, the text doesn't appear until i've typed at least one or two more words. Has anyone else noticed these types of speed problems with AIM?
Its also bloated when compared to Fire and has far fewer features. Fire - support for the other messengers + ads + bloat code = aim for X.

I agreed with you. AOL is so F**k slow. I switched back to Fire more faster than AOL. When I typed so fast and it appeared strange letters. It disappointed me!
Plus, Fire flashes the dock icon (or used to) when a new message arrived in a window. AIM does not. :(
Unfortunately, the latest version of fire does not have AOL support, and the older versions that have AOL support are being blocked by AOL. I have heard that version 0.24.a actually has working AOL support, but I have been unable to obtain this version, as it is not on the Fire server. Can anyone verify that version 0.24.a works with AOL, and if so tell me how I can get it? While I have not had the speed problems with AOL instant messenger, I do much prefer fire.
Mount the public folder on my iDisk (vgz). I have placed a copy of fire .24a on it. .24a uses toc and aohell can't distinguish between it and aim express.
Not only does AIM suck, with it's ads and it's bloatedness and it's general badness, but Fire was out way back when. The guy has a bunch of other stuff too. He's been making it for a long time, it's totally free, you can grab the source code... *takes a big sniff for the little guy*

I will use Fire when Fire will actually download my buddy list from the Yahoo servers. Til then, poo on it. I use Yahoo/AIM on several comps.. Dont wanna have to manually sync my buddy lists.
syncing your buddylist shouldn't be so bad, just do it once, then grab the fire folder out of your library and just put it on the other comps when you install fire on them. not a biggie, just sync it once.