Airplay Audio Options for new AppleTV YouTube App ?


All I used to have to do before was to pull from the head of the remote to reveal the audio options and then I could select my B&W floor speakers from the drop down audio sources list and my YouTube clips would then play on my Airport Xpress enabled hi-if speakers instead of my TV soundbar.

I cannot find this option any more on the new YouTube TV app for Apple TV Gen 4.... anybody got any ideas on how to get feature back working ?

To be honest, I can't find reasonable explanations but I can assume that this connected with a bad signal. You can try to use bluetooth transmitter by the link and if the problem is really with the signal, you will fix it at once. I am waiting for your answer!

Do you realize that the original poster had this problem 1 1/2 years ago. I bet he has this resolved by now.