Airport / 4k56


Can anyone tell me if they've gotten airport working without a hack in 4k56 or anything higher? I see the signal in the dock extra airport thing, and it seems like it's recognizing my airport and everything. Do I just need to turn off encryption on the Mac OS 9 end when I configure my airport base station?
Once you disable encryption on your AirPort base station (and restart OS X), you'll be surfin' right along...
thank you very much. I will try that as soon as I get home. I am receiving 4k73 today and wondering if it's a lot more stable than 4k56. Do you have 73 installed? I am installing in my new 500Mhz TiBook. Man, OS X on a G4 laptop just kicks ass...especially when I get airport working. Damn I am james bond.
I had Airport somewhat working in 4k46... It sucked so much I couldn't stand to use it. Good news though, In 4k73 it works perfect