Airport Amd Imac


Hi. I have an iMac running OSX 10.4.1 and a titanium powerbook running the same. Before the imac cam on the scene my wireless world was peachy:) I brought the imac home and all was fine for a month or so... then one day it all went bezerk? The iMac and powerbook run wirelessly off the aiport base station, with an express upstairs as a repeater. Now all of a sudden the iMac isn't cooperating. The connection is SLOW and it constantly falls offline - 9 out of 10 times when I try to reconnect (by choosing my airport network in the drop down menu), it tells me there was a "problem" connecting to my network.

I hired a guy to take a look at it, and his solution was to connect the iMac to the base station (or modem) directly and share. Call me anal, but I want to connect wirelessly and I was under the impression i should be able to... esppecially since i wanted to get another iMac. So the guy left and i undid his tangled web of wires and returned to a wireless scenario - same problemo!

Any suggestions? I was thinking of taking the iMac to the Apple store to see how it performs there... but now that we're growing in popularity that may entail hanging out half the day. Thanks in advance for any help!
Did you get anything new in the house at the time it acted up, such as a new cordless phone or microwave oven? These can often interfere.

Have you tried changing the channel for the Airport base station, or turning on interference robustness? There is a LOT of information in Airport help that will tell you how to do this.