Airport and AOL and Windows



I just recently helped my neighbors setup their airport network. DSL is on the way. They would like to keep AOL ISP for home (filters for daughter and most extended family tends to be on AOL). The DSL's standard ISP will be used for the home business.

Several questions:
Will AOL be accessable through Airport, Wireline router, and then the DSL modem?
Can the Dell laptop using :-( father of the house be able to buy a PCMICA (sp?) card to use the Airport base station?
The answer is yes and no. They can still use AOL as long as they use a different ISP to provide the basic connection. Apple has a Knowledge Base article on this subject.

Then click on Expert Search and type "AOL Airport" or just type in the article number "58544" and click the article number radio button.

You could also call AOL if you don't mind waiting the 45 minutes to some one who might or might not be able to tell you the answer.

As for your {Dell} unit, you can use a PCcardbus Lucent WaveLan/Orinoco card in your laptop. I use one to connect my older Bronze keyboard to an AirPort network everyday. Unfortunately, you'll have to pay more for the Lucent card then you would for an AirPort card ($99).

Hope this Helps