Airport – Apple Share Ip Problems


I've got an old UMAX machine running Apple Share IP 6.2 which shares some files and allows me to print to a HP 6MP printer (connected via an Apple Talk cable). I am using this server from some desktop computers (G5s and Powerbooks) all running OSX (Panther and Tiger).

If the machines are connected physically to the network everythings runs fine (computer > switch > router (DHCP) > switch > server). I can print and share files (both tcp and apple talk connections are activated).

When I connect to the network via an airport extreme, I still can connect to the internet, the file server but not to the print server ("printer not responding"). I am using the airport as a bridge on it's ethernet port. It's a closed network using personal WPA; it's connected to the internet with DHCP; I am not sharing IP-addresses with it.

So it seems like the airport doesn't let me connect to the printer via Apple Share IP for whatever reason. I tried several combinations (sharing IP-adresses on the airport, using the WAN-port etc.) but it only got worse.

Thanks in advance for an reply (if there's an solution to it),