Airport Base & D-link Dwl-1000ap+ In Repeater Mode



I just purchased a DWL-1000AP+ since I read in dlink's website that it can work as a repeater for the Apple Airport base.

I'm currently accessing the internet via a dsl modem connected the airport base and I bought the d-link dwl1000ap+ to extend the network range to the upper floor of my house.

I configured the DWL with wep/128hex (athentication: Shared Key, and entered the same hex key I got from the airport admin utility).

Under advanced:wireless I set the DWL in repeater mode and entered the airport base MAC address.

It actually does repeat the network: MacStumbler detects two networks with the same SSID and two different MACs.

However, when I join the DWL's repeated network with my powerbook, no IP is assigned by the DHCP server, therefore I cannot access the Internet.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.