Airport Card Problem



I have a 17" G4 Powerbook 512MB running on 10.3.9.

Since 2 days, every time I start up my computer, the 'kernel' screen comes on telling me to restart the computer. It won't, unless I do a safe boot (got this from Pogue's book).

I have already run the disk utility ("volume HD appears ok"), as well as done a permissions repair. I have unplugged and restarted everything (mouse, printer, Airport and iPod is all I have). I have tried logging in as a different user. Nothing helps, unless I do a safe boot the kernel screen keeps appearing.

I have used my Airport Express (together with a DSL router) to connect to the internet for months. The problem seems to be that the computer suddenly no longer recognizes the fact that it has an Airport Card. I have the latest Airport software for 10.3.9. (version 4.2). Only way to connect to the internet is to directly plug it in the computer (ethernet?).

I am hesitant to open computer to check the actual card; it has never been opened up before. Also not sure if it cures the kernel screen probem, as that also appears if I have my Airport Express unplugged.

Can you help?
Many thanks!!

I would open the machine and take the Airport card out and see if it boots normally. A bad card could cause the startup problem.
Thanks, I will try. Have done a clean install and that did not work either. Problem is, where is the airport card located? The instructions on the Apple web site for the G4 Powerbook
have a very different layout than mine (my battery is located in the center, not on the upper left) and weirdly there is no indication of the Airport Card's location in the original booklet that came with it. I have a 17" 1Ghz G4, bought in 2003.

Greatly appreciate your help!
Thanks for your help! I did not dare open it up so brought it to the apple store, where they are now telling me it is the airport card connection to the logic board! Charge for repair will be around 600 pounds (around 1000 USD)!!!

Is that normal for a computer not even 2 years old, never opened, used as a desktop and not carried around? I am thinking of just leaving the airport card be, but it seems a bit ridiculous as I paid for the airport express as well.

Don't have applecare of course...
I would open it up and replace the card myself before paying that much money.
Looks like it's not the card, Bob, but the connection to the logic board that is messed up. Not exactly a do-it-yourself type of job.
Just take the card out then and see how the machine behaves.
If it's okay after that, use something other than the Airport card.
Thanks for all your help! Sorry for my late thank you, but had no computer for a while. Airport card is now out, which is a pain, but did solve the problem. Will now be looking for alternative cards!