Airport connection / sleep issue



Here's the skinny: When my iMac G5 goes to sleep and is awakened, the airport connection is fine -I don't even need to manually select it. However, when I Manually sleep the machine, (apple/sleep), and wake the machine I have *no* connection at all. In fact, I can't even see my network when I launch network admin util. Shutting down and turning back on, even restarting, do not work. If I let the machine go back to sleep on its own, then wake it, my connection is back.

Weird. Was wondering if anyone else had a similar issue.

Since I upgraded my PB15 to 10.3.9 a similiar thing has been happening to me: when I close the lid to sleep the 'book, it loses the airport connection. When I wake it up airport is on but no signal is detected. I've found that I can re-establish the connection by turning airport off and then on again, but this is a pain.

Can anyone help with this?
One other thing: It has my network listed in the airport drop-down, but when I select it it prompts me for a password. I enter it but it says it can't connect due to an error. Also, it isn't showing up in the airport admin utility. This only happens when I manually sleep the computer. It 'fixes' itself when it goes back to sleep on its own and is woken up.
Do a search around the forums, there's plenty of people having issues with Airport under Tiger. Apple "imworsed" something with the 10.4 upgrade and I believe there's quite a few here eagerly awaiting a fix from Apple.
OK, a few days after going back to Ethernet I decided to give Airport another chance. To my surprise, the Airport connection has been stable for a few days now even though I haven't changed anything since last time I used it. This is all a bit weird but I won't complain :D
Apple's fixing this issue with 10.4.2 according to the seed notes. For those who still have the problem, it should be solved by this next update.
fryke, you da man! i was hoping for that info for a long time. i still don't really trust my new found airport stability yet...

wie öi immer, es fetts merci!