Airport Express And Asante 10/100 Switch


I am running a cable system as so:

Cable modem --> Asante 10/100 Switch

the from the Switch --> Airport Express, iMac (w/o wireless card)

The iMac is picking up internet fine, but the Aiport Express will not. Is the Airport Express not compatible with the Asante switch?

The model number of the switch FS5005
You need to connect the 'Airport Base Station' [ABS] (a single port wired / wireless router, via its WAN port) to the cable modem; and, to connect the Asante switch (via its WAN or uplink port) to the 'ABS (via its LAN port).

Additional information:
Now, if you had a (wired) router - you would connect the cable modem to the router (via the router's WAN, [internet or uplink] port), and then connect the 'ABS (again, itself a router, via its WAN port) to (any free LAN port of) the router.
Why would do such? - you may ask. Well, if one just received a wired LinkSys Vonage router and still wanted to have a wireless network, this is how you would do it.

A router can assign local IP Addresses; a switch cannot. That is why you cannot plug the ABS (a wired / wireless router) into the Asante switch; but, could into a router.
Since the ABS is a router - it can assign local IP Addresses via a switch (such as the Asante switch) plugged into it's LAN port.