Airport Express Connection Cuts Out


My Airport Express connection is tempermental. Most of the time, I have a signal to my iBook, but then there are times that it just disappears, the signal turns gray, and my network is not available. I've tried clicking "other" but the drop down doesn't offer my network when the connection is lost. To get it back, sometimes I can unplug the Express, and replug it. Other times, I just have to wait. It happens at least a couple of times a day. During all of this, I still have a connection with my router, and the Express shows a green light. Additionally, my Airtunes cuts out sometimes as well, even if the signal is still there. With that, I can just shut off my stereo and pause the music, and then turn it back on. So how can I fix all of this? Thank you very much!



You can try changing the channel on the Airport. Do you have cordless phones that are on the 2.4 Ghz range? Neighbors have one? These can cause bad problems with the network. I had experienced similar problems, and had to work on airport placement and channel issues. I also got rid of a Siemens 2.4 Ghz cordless in favor of a Panasonic 900Mhz cordless phone (which the 900 units always seem to have superior range)