Airport Express Fails to Connect to the Internet/print a Document


I recently bought an Airport Express ( along with an Airport Extreme card for my iMac). It my computer dectects the signal perfectly, but I can't seem to connect to the Internet or Print (Epson Stylus CX5400). Well, it printed about 5% of a document, then the job just stopped. To solve that, I try downloading a different printer driver that was compatible with airport and my printer. I can print via USB, but I still can't print via airport. I had Mac OS X.2.8 during that time. I thought it could have been a compability problem since the airport software was only MacOSX.3 or higher, so I later buy Tiger (which I was planning to buy anyway). With Tiger installed, I try resetting and reconfiguring my airport with airport admin and airport express setup assistant, but I always end up with an amber flashing light. I even press the reset button on the airport, but still no luck. My cable modem works just fine with my Mac, and I have Roadrunner, of which I have heard (from Apple store assistants) is extremely compatible with my Mac and airport. I would REALLY appreciate any kind of help to make the flashing amber light turn into the solid green light which it's supposed to have (obviously, to be connected to the Internet and print, all via airport.)