Airport Express occasionally takes aaages to load web sites


Hi All,

I have the following setup:

PB 15"
iMac 1Ghz
both have airport extreme cards
airport express
alcatel speedtouch 510 router

The problem I have is that certain websites take absolutley ages to load. It's not only certain websites, but seems to be random. eBay however freezes up fairly frequently.

Interference Robustness is set up on the AE and both computers. If I connect by wiring up the computer to the router the problem disappears . . .

I think I remember seeing a post with the same problem, possibly on here but can't find that again.

Has anyone got any tips to try?


I would ping those websites over the terminal (open terminal; type 'ping') and see, if and when you get time-outs or even packet losses. How is the signal reception? And do you have any possibly interfering sources such as wireless phones, microwave...?
While you are pinging those sites take a closer look at the signal reception bar. Any correlation between time-outs and the signal strength?