Airport Express V's Belkin 54g F5d7130. Security


Hi Folks,

I have a business with 5 Win XPs networked via a Netgear ethernet hub. A broadband Netgear internet modem feeds into the hub. One extra cable from the hub feeds out and accross the car park to my home and until recently I had a Belkin 54g F5D7130 wireless access point in the home on this cable. From which my Powerbook and the kids ibooks can access the net at anytime. Also my work network was accessable

However I realised that when the Win XP network were awake and working (usually during the day) that all these computers were easy for anyone to access wirelessly ie in Mac OSx for example in the network folder all win xp computers hardrives were open for inspection! When switched off - internet was accessable but the Windows PCs drives were not. Luckily this is rural - otherwise it could have been a security nightmare - open hacking!

The Belkin 54g can be reconfigured via a web based interface WEP technology etc - resulting in only laptops with the relvent password being able to access the network and internet.

Now out of curiosity - I replaced the Belkin 54g with an Apple Airport Express box. With no settings adjusted - straight out of the box -and none of my work PCs could be accessed wirelessly!

Ie the Belkin 54g gave direct network access when unconfigured(straight out of the box) were as the unconfigured Apple Airport Express didn't. Why?

Is this because it is an Apple V PC thing?

Using the A-P.Ex my Apple lap tops will happily network - providing the correct preferences have been selected. As they could with the Belkin 54g - however I need to reconfigure the Airport Express to access my PC files wirelessly.

A bizzare reverse security issue.

Any ideas, any one?