AirPort Express with AirTunes -- Calling Home Recording Types


Hello All.

Does anybody know the level of the airpot express mini-jack, I can't find this info anywhere on apple's site? Will it be 'line-level' or -10 dBV?

Bit of a tech question I know.

I want to plug it into this ino these powered speakers/monitors. They have an input which excepts +4dBu (whatever that units is! :confused: ) which is apparently refered to as 'line-level'. And -10dBV (again whats going on with these units! :mad: ) which is not-line level.

At I guess I would say that -10dBV is the amplitude required to drive a pair of head-phone, while +4dBu is a large voltage used in high quality rack recording audio equipment (If anybody actually knows I'm all ears).

Anybody exprience on using airtunes, how will this sound?



Scratch & Sniff Committee
I'm pretty certain the output on the Airport Express is line-level. This would also explain why it is referred to as a "Line-out" jack in the literature.

The jack also features an optical digital output, if you have an amplifier with optical line-in then using an optical connection will give you a vrey good connection. I use it with my Yamaha stereo using just a regular analog connection and find the sound quality to be excellent.