Airport Express


I have already managed to set up one airport express with a set of stand alone speakers, but i am having problems conecting a second set, i did manage to find them once, but then on opening itunes, the name was no where to be found! Ive gone down through all the necessary channels of reseting. I just cant find it again.

Any suggestions would be helpfull.



The whole Airport configuration process is extremely annoying and very un-Apple...
I've got 2 macs annd 2 pc's hooked wirelessly to the base station hardwired into another pc/vonage/cable modem... and an airport express using both Airtunes and linking up xbox live...

My HD crashed.. I re-installed everything... and after about 10 hours.. I've gotten all of my computers back online.. but the Xpress isn't showing up anywhere to configure. Since there are a few other people depending on the internet connection, and i simply don't have the capacity for more aggrivation... i've decided to live without Airtunes for a while... I'm sure my 90 day window is past for me to call tech support.

Sorry I don't have an answer for you other than sometimes it's best to walk away for a while and come back fresh... There was a point where I couldn't log on any computer with "incorrect password" even though the password was perfectly correct.

I say come back fresh... unplug it for a few minutes, get a paper clip for the hard restart.. and try again...