Airport Express



I've been running an ibook G4 with an Airport Extreme for wireless internet and printing and an Airport Express connected to my stereo for music via iTunes.

I recently acquired a windows PC with a wireless card an planned to use this to store all my music on and set up a network so both machines could use the internet and the iBook (and the PC) could play music stored on my PC through my stereo.

Initially this was just a matter of setting up the PC to join the network and everything worked fine. However, I needed to wipe the PC to get it to bare-bones for the music files and this was the start of my problems.

After getting the PC back to bare bones and getting it to join the network, after upgrading the airport software on my Mac Airport Express is no longer found! The Express just hangs there flashing it's orange light. Airport Express Assistant has disappeared and its not in the Airport Admin Utility. I've done hard and soft resets to no avail.

Any help appreciated
Hi MiB,

As I'm sure you know, the orange flashing light means the Airport Express isn't able to start up with a valid configuration.

One suggestion I've seen here previously is to connect the Airport Express to your Mac with an Ethernet cable (the Mac can't really help seeing it then) and configure it that way, THEN connect it to your router, DSL modem, cable modem or wherever you're getting Internet connectivity. Just move the Ethernet connection from your router/modem/LAN to your Mac. I don't know whether you'll need to restart the Airport Express or not.

Maybe that will help. I hope so; I'm currently having my own Airport Express woes, but not as severe as yours (my Mac has Internet connectivity, but my Linux machine doesn't).