Airport Express


I have an iBook G4 and can connect to my company's Sonicwall 2040 using l2tp if using the ethernet cable and my netopia r router. When I try this wirelessly, I can see the tunnel created but end with "inappropriate sadb response" and the tunnel is deleted.

If I connect my Windows laptop to my wireless network, I can connect to the company's vpn using the Sonicwall client, but it stops at the WAN port and I have no LAN access.

Are these two scenarios symptoms of a NAT traversal problem? Both the Airport and the Netopia claim to do NAT.

Or is this a sadb or spd config problem? My racoon.conf and psk.txt load ok. The Airport works flawlessly on the web, but it just can't do IPSEC via L2TP. Any suggestions? How do I inspect the SA or spd settings on the mac?