i have a network setup with an AirPort (graphite) base station and im trying to add an AirPort Express base station as a client, just for airtunes. i had this working for a few days, but now its completely whacked. heres the situation: i have reset/restarted/reconfigured my airport express several times to no avail. it shows up in itunes, but i cant connect to it. flashing yellow light on the base station. meanwhile, the graphite base station, while it connects to the internet and properly appears in the airport menu, is not visible in either the aiport setup assistant OR the admin utility. in other words, i cannot reconfigure/reset/upgrade or do anything to the airport graphite. ive tried resetting it using a paper clip, unplugging for 30 sec, etc., but its still not showing up. the only thing i can think of that im doing differently than before is that i upgraded the firmware on the express and im not 100% sure, but i think thats about when it stopped working. any suggestions.