Airport Ext + Cantenna + Keyobard Mod ?


I got a cantenna and I would like to have it hook into my airport extreme. The problem is the wire is too big for the keyboard to go back down .

Anyone know of any hacks or mods people have done ?

Thanks :D
I dont think anyone would have done this mod. What I would look at is a external (read USB or PCMCIA) card for your machine.

It would be the most elegant solution. Otherwise you could get funky and hack up your machine to run the cord through a new hole in the case. But thats just scary and will prolly end in tears.

Why do you need the cantenna? You war driving or something
What kind of hack are you actually looking for? Something that splits the keyboard in two? Drills a hole by the side of your iBook for the cable to pass through?

If you need an external antenna, you might be better off with a USB wireless network adapter.
I'm thinking of hacking through my RJ-11 .. I don't need that crap ever.

I'm too scared to hurt my baby though... she's too good looking.

The cantenna is awesome though.