Airport Extreme Card In G5 Dual 2ghz Not Working With Wep 128

I have a netgear wireless router, and a G5 dual 2GHz tower. If I have WEP enabled, ny tower will not connect. If I open the key, and broadcast SSID, no problem. I don't want to leave my network open though. Anyone have the same problem / fix?


You can broadcast your SSID too. Not broadcasting it isn't going to make it meaningfully more secure. Let people know the SSID, but enter the MAC addresses of all computers you wish to allow on the network and use WPA-PSK with a strong password and whether or not you broadcast the SSID won't matter. Anyone able to spoof one of your MAC addresses AND break a strong WPA-PSK encryption will be able to get by a hidden SSID in seconds anyway.

Also, dial down the broadcast power as much as you can on your netgear (if you can) so the range is reduced. It makes it so somone cracking your network must be much closer to you for a decent signal. Turn off DHCP too and manually setup IP's for those machines on your network. Don't make them X.X.0.2, X.X.0.3 and X.X.0.4 (all in a row at the start of the range) either.