Airport Extreme Connect to Tiscali Broadband

I have managed to configure my powerbook Tiger to connect to the Tiscali Broadband with the USB SagemFast 800 modem, I was told by a Mac technician that it is not possible to connect to the net with a USB modem, by fluke I have managed it, though the Powerbook recognises the SAGEM connected via the ethernet Lan port; but now I have a an AIRPORT EXTREME BASE STATION (AEBS), how can I transfer the configurations to the Airport extreme, I will obviously have to connect the USB SagemFast 800 modem via the USB PORT on the AEBS.

PLEASE PLEASE HELP, there must be a way to sort this.
I've had exactly the same problem. I quickly realised that the airport base station won't work with the USB modem, though there is a USB port to connect a printer. I therefore bought a new ethernet modem, in fact I'm now on my 3rd! In each case my G4 doesn't appear to recognise the modem. I'm not sure if this is due to compatibility with OS Tiger or if my Tiscali account only works with the sagem modem and not the new d link ethernet modem. any help would be gratefully received!