Airport Extreme Connection Mystery


I have a desktop G4 and iBook G3, both using 10.4.2. In May, 2004 I upgraded to DSL, bought an Airport Extreme and connected it wirelessly to my iBook. This worked perfectly for 13 months. Last June the iBook stopped recognizing my network. It would hang up and freeze and have to be manually turned off. I reloaded the OS twice, then replaced my 2.4GHz phone with a 5.8GHz. No improvement. I also changed the Airport's channel from automatic to 11, then to 6. Eventually the iBook's hard drive and logic board had to be replaced. But when I got it back in July, it still had the same problem not finding the network. It works fine in other places though (like the Mac Store or a friend's house in New York). I even took both the iBook and the Airport to the Mac Store and they worked fine there.

A friend came over with his G4 Powerbook and had no trouble connecting with my Airport network. But I can only connect with it if I take the iBook to another room in my house about 30 feet away from the Airport. But if I want to use the iBook in the same room it still freezes unless I turn the airport card off.

My next door neighbor just got a G3 iMac desktop. When she tried to connect to my network (10 feet away), she had the same problem as I am having (spinning beach ball, no connection). What can I do? I really miss my wireless connection.