Airport Extreme & Linksys Wag54g


Dear all,

warm regards from Italy!!! :D

sorry in advance for my english, I hope u will understand my question! :p

I have a PowerBook G4, I just bought a Linksys WAG54G and now I need to set my airport extreme as bridge, so I can go everywhere in the house! :pPPP
That's the wireless power!

Unfortunatly I "think" I have done everything in the right way, but I didn't ...

Under the WDS section I've configured the Airport extreme as repeater, with its own ID, then I added the linksys as remote wireless network, but it's not working.
Probably (... of course!!!) there are some settings I forgot to configure or I setted it in a wrong way.

So please can u help me to understand how to solve this problem?

Thank u so much for your nice cooperation and your kind reply!

Have a nice day.

Isabella ;>