Airport Extreme


the brother 1240 printer that was working thru AEx via usb suddenly is no longer responding. bypassing AEx with a direct usb, it works. The table that opens when attempting to print via AEx shows a bar and verbage saying 12% complete and it just stays there, advancing no further. All AEx software/firmware is current. a X driver from brother did nothing. Any ideas??
I also had intermittent trouble with my Brother Laser printer. Have the settings changed in the Airport Admin Utility?
ok, I have to display my knowledge on this one! changed from what original settings? ie what settings do I compare to?
In the Airport admin, are setting for USB wireless printing. That app is in the Application folder on you HD.
Thanks, it worked!!:)
for others who read this thread; I opened Applications, then Utilities, then Air port admin utility, AP set up assist, then AP set up for graphite or snow and followed the instructions in each window(s) of all three. the printer now works.