airport help needed ASAP


I have/had an airport network setup my apartment. has run great since day one (18 or so months), until last week. Our apartment complex decided to install wifi access points for future use. They are cheap bastards when it comes to everything they do, so they skipped out on the site survey. Now these are active access points and have no internet connection. They just send out 802.11b signals, and allow you to connect.

When they went active, they force my graphite basestation to reboot every 30 seconds or so. I cannot modify the basestations settings due to this reason, or a even get a decent net connect wirelessly. Its very very annoying.

How can i setup the access point to ignore or override they access points, or how can I get into the basestation to try to switch the channel in use.

How can i determnie the channel being used by the apartments network(s)?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I would try to isolate the base station and use the ethernet dierect connect to configure it. To isolate the base place it in a metal box (filing cabnet??).

To evaluate what station the apartment is using just have your tower scan for networks when your base is off. You can manually adjust your channel while scanning and see if you loose their network. When you loose their network that is the station you will want to use.

I would also set up the network with a password to keep the rest of the apartment from using your signal, and I would have you computers only login to your base station.