Airport help


I just got a Airport Base Station and I need help setting it up on my home network. I have DSL running into a router which should distribute the data to all my computers. This has been working fine but since I got the Airport Station, some computers won't talk anymore.

Here are my problems,

-When the Base Station is plugged into the router, only one light (not sure if it's the send or recieve light) but only one is lit and all the other connections have 2.
-OSX.1 won't communicate with my PC's through airport, if I plug it in directly they see the PC's no problem.
-I was messing around with the settings in the Airport settings and when I checked the 'Enable DHCP server on Ethernet,' all the computers wanted to communicate through the Airport.

Here are my settings in the Network tab on my Airport:
(Checked) Distribute IP Address
(selected)Share a single IP address (using DHCP and NAT)
(Checked)Enable AirPort to Ethernet bridging
(Not checked) Enable DHCP server on Ethernet

What I want is for the Airport clients to be able to connect through the DSL and through the built in modem and to be able to communicate with the PC's. Let me know what my settings should be....thanks a lot!
I do not run Airport (have just ordered one though), but I seem to remember something that stuck in my mind regarding airport and Certain network protocols. If you are truly trying to connect to PC's then you are probably trying to connect using SMB (Server message block) which will not NAT.

There is a bridging option on the Airport basestations that allows you to get over this. I wouldn't have thought that this should cause issues with your current internet connection as the NAT for Internet protocols is occuring at your DSL gateway.

I cant remember how to set it up, but there is a knowledge article on apples web site. Just lookup airport or airport and network gaming and you should find it. I hope that this helps
To use the airport with a router, here what I do.

1. open the airport admin application and connect to your airport
2. go to the internet tab and set it to DHCP. (this should allow the airport to get a private ip from your router assuming that your router is doing DHCP and NAT). I would hardcode in the dns info.
3. go the the network tab and click on the ethernet bridging...make sure no other boxes are checked. (this will make the airport into a passthru device by disabling any routing the airport would otherwise do).
4. restart the airport...then save this config to a file.
5. you will have to reconfigure the airport for ppp if you ever decide to use the modem on the airport.
6. Your airport client should be setup for DHCP. (they should pass-through your airport and get their ip directly from the router.)

summary: all of your computers should be on the same subnet...if they are, communication between them should no longer be an issue. check the ip address on all of them to make sure...

hope this helps