Airport Issues

gods god

Recentally, my wireless internet has been unable to connect to the internet. My g3 iBook will recognize the network, but when attempting to open safari, or start any program internet related, it will continue to bounce for up to 10 mintues, then say it was unable to connect.

If i start my computer while the airport is turned on, it will lag for up to 10 or so minutes before the hardrive on the desktop shows up, or until the computer fully responds.

I have reset my basestation, updated all software and firmware. Recentlly, I upgraded my harddrive to a 100gb seagate, and my ram to 512mb. I placed the old harddrive into a 12" ibook, and the new hardware went into my 14" ibook. When i was done installing the hardware, both computers connected just fine, without a problem. 6 or so hours later, i was kicked off the 14" ibooks interent, and that's when the problems started. Same with the 12" ibook, after about 6 or 7 hours of being connected, it wouldn't respond properly.

I've tested my 14" in another house, on a different wireless conncetion, and any type of airport that's around my laptop will give it these problems. My interenal modem works just fine. I've even replaced the old drive back into my 14", no help, and restored the old 12" hardrive, and same problems.