AirPort login failure


I have an AirPort network I created on my Cube ("winona" after ms. Ryder).
And then I have an iBook on AirPort. It works fine under OS9, but I possibly do not know how to log on to the network correctly under OSX (and get to the Cube's files.)
I am trying to use the Go menu in the finder, the "connect to server" command. Is that wrong?
The thing is that it does not only ask for a password as under OS9, but also a username. And no matter what username I give it, even none, I can't log on. When I created the network, there was never any talk of usernames.

I just realized that I already *am* on the AirPort network. It is just, how do I find my Cube on the network? Shouldn't it be visible in the network when file sharing is turned on?
To access the Cube's files you must make sure that you have "Enable File Sharing Client To Connect Over TCP/IP" checked in the File Sharing control panel is OS 9. Mac OS X needs TCP access to see files.
Have a good hair day. Hope it works.
I have the same problem as the user that started the thread.

I have a cube and a pismo, both running osx and airport 2.0.2.

I have an older airport base station providing network access via dialup and a bridge to an ethernet printer.

I want to connect one computer to another to share files, and each can see the other via the connect to server dialog box in both the appletalk, and localhost sections, when connecting I get a login box, however when completing the informatiiton there is always an authentication failure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
guest also gave an authentication failure.


I changed both machines to getting their address via dhcp rather than fixed for example, and restarted them and now I'm connecting!