Airport Not Working


how can I get my airport software to recognize my airport hardware? the mac store genius bar employee said, that limewire or someone left something on my hard drive that is blocking my computer from recognizing my airport hardware. I have a mac ibook g4 with a airport built in. The airport was found by the employee at the store so it is working. He suggested I erase my hardrive and start fresh is there anyway around this? I deleted my itunes hoping that would help it did not. Is this a common problem and how can I fix it? I have limited computer knowledge and thank you for your help mark.
Could either be a corrupted extension, a conflicting extension or program, or something wrong in your computer.

If you can get back to the apple genius bar, you should be able to eliminate the possibility of a software conflict by booting your computer from one of their powerbooks in Firewire drive mode. This will use their machine's system (which works) and your computer (which may not). If the airport works, you know it is software, if not, it is hardware.

If it is software, look for any possibly conflicting software using "ps -ax" in the terminal. Also, make sure the AppleAirPort2 extension is there, and is loaded in the System Profiler, and there are no other suspicious extensions loaded.