AirPort Relay


I have a large area that is too big for one AirPort Base Station to cover. Does
anyone know how I can add another AirPort to relay / expand the coverage
of the one station I now have? In the area I want to add the second AirPort, no hardwired ethernet is available so it must all be wireless.
Are you talking about doing something like airport to airport bridging?
If this is what you're talking about, I don't believe there is anyway to accomplish it.

The only way that I am aware of to accomplish this is to hook them up to ethernet, and make it so that their names the same under the airport network set-up. Then the computer will automatically switch between the basestation with the best reception.
Actually I have heard of this being done .. or at least attempted. I'll look around for some more info but don't get your hopes up.

The other idea for you to think about is that there have recently been rumors of an Airport 2 being in the works. It's supposed to widen the range and possibly the data transfer of the current 802.11 standard. But like I said, they're just rumors. :rolleyes:
Goto Apple's site, and get the manual for Airport Base Station... It says how to have Airport stations do something like that.