airport + smtp ?


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Hi All,

has this happened to any of you? Today I was at a cafe using thier wireless network. I tried to send an email but got an smtp error, I was assuming it was the cafes netowrk was a different ISP, would this make a difference?. I just shut down Mail and did everything thru webmail. I got home home and now Mail is giving me smtp errors. It says it cant send thru the smtp and is giving me the option to send thru older smtps I used to use (where are these stored and how can I nuke em?). However, all the sudden it will send. I try to send another and I get the error again.... any ideas?

Your probably is confused. ;) ... Your first guess was right, though. If you connect through anything but your configured ISP, your configured SMTP-server probably doesn't allow you to send E-Mails (unless you're using an authenticated SMTP server like .Mac's...). A restart/relogin probably will 'cure' now. If not, verify the SMTP settings in your E-Mail account(s).