Airport Software Base Station's Singal ... THIS WEAK?



I use iMac DV+ and my roommate just purchased new iBook. He wanted to share my DSL connection, so I bought myself a Airport card, and make my iMac as a Base Station.

I got pretty much everything configured ... except, the new iBook only catches signal around in 10 ft range or so. As soon as I approach to my door in my room. It dies. There's no way he can surf the net in his room!

Did I make a big mistake here? Or is it any solution out there (besides having to pay $300 for the hardware base station)?

Thanks in advance!
I am using a hardware station so I can't exactly help you, but in the docs from the hardware station, they say that things like microwave ovens and stuff like that can greatly diminish the signal distance. I don't know what options you have with a software station, but when I configure my hardware station, there is a point I can enable to prevent the signal from beeing distorted...hope this helps, if not, maybe also search the Apple Support forums
Check the Antenae connection where you plugged it into the airport card. They can be tricky some times. Also, have him bring the iBook to your room to check signal strength. It may just be the fact the walls are too think too. you will know this if he comes in with the iBook and you get a good signal, and you checked the connection.