Airport Wirless issues with school system


Chic Not Geek
We bought airport setup for school but one problem that our school have own dhcp. How do I make it work with their network and internet works? I setup airport as dhcp.. I am dumb with that. please help with it. ::ha::
I noticed there is Airport WDS.. I dont know what is it?

(Oh nevermind about WDS) I dont need it)
Ok.. None one can help with me.. Maybe I am not clear what I am talk about..

School Network using DHCP ethernet connect to Airport base station come with default DHCP such as I couldn't use school's dhcp on airport. Anyway, three computers can see Airport Base Station it showed me green that mean its connected. However I couldnt make it work with internet. I am kinda of stuck right now.

Airport Base Station is very new like one week old also three iMac G5 too.. Anyone can help with me?