Airport Wlan


I have a new Powerbook G4 (1.67 GHz, 1.5 GB Ram) running Mac Os 10.4.2

I tried to connect to the internet via Airport at my girlfriends place over her WLAN DSL connection. The Internet Connect software detects the WLAN and then the status prompt tells me I am now connected to the WLAN, thoug actually I am still unable to connect to the internet. I used the Internet Connect assistent following all the steps until eventually I was told No Internet connection is possible and I should contact the DSL provider.

The strange thing is my girlfriend's PC has no problems accessing the net via the WLAN. She has no WLAN password security, so this shouldn't be the problem.

If anybody can help I would be very grateful. Otherwise I might have to find a new girlfriend!!

Some ISPs require that you register your computer's MAC address to be able to connect to the internet. My guess is that they want to charge you per computer you connect to their system. Most people just register their router's MAC address and the ISP is none the wiser.

I'd check into the set up and ensure that your girlfriend has not accidentally plugged the DSL into a switch port on the router, rather than the uplink port. When this happens the ISP will be seeing a new MAC address that is not in their system (since you are no longer behind a layer of NAT) and prevent you from accessing the internet until your register the new MAC address. Meanwhile your girlfriend's PC will connect fine because they know about her computer.