Airport Xtreme / 3rd Party Wireless

Arctic Knyght

I've got a developing issue with my PowerBook laptop. I have a 17" Titanium PowerBook w/a 1GHz G4 Processor that came with the Airport Xtreme card already installed. Running OSX 10.2.8

It has worked fine since the day we bought it, without any glitches. I tend not to shut my laptop off, but just to close the top and let it go to sleep. A couple of months ago, the Airport Xtreme card stopped responding. I opened it up and the airport just didn't connect. It no longer shows up in the Apple System Profiler or in the Network Connections in the System Preferences.

Since I didn't have time to try and figure it out, I just grabbed a spare Belkin wireless PC Card and loaded the drivers for it and have been using it for the last couple of months without an issue...until yesterday. Same thing, computer comes back from sleep mode, but the wireless card doesn't power up or connect. I've restarted the computer several times and nothing seems to bring anything back online.

If I look at the old locations on the Network Connections, I can see the Airport and the PC Ethernet Slot 1 connections, but they are grayed out and non-selectable. Any help would be greatly appreciated, to either get the original Airport Xtreme card back online or even just to get the Belkin card working again.