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Hey there, anyone with and Airport and a linksys router, using Earthlink DSL?
Well, I hope so, cuse Im having a lot of problems. No matter what I have tried I cant get it to work.
I figured out my problem, in configuring the Airport, after setup has finished, you must go to the Airport Utility and set up the internet, or rather the eathernet router info, and then it works. I have left detailed step-by-step into at however if you would like my to go over it, just ask!
this config I was thinking of doing --- Does the airport/mac and the linksys wireless router work good together ??

Yes it does.

The Airport BS is simply a wireless router. You can plug routers into routers without a problem. You just have to make certain they are not overlapping responsibilities. I turned off NAT and DHCP on the ABS. The Linksys does all the real work.

The Linksys has a WAN address given by SWBell. The internal address is The ABS's is The Linksys DHCPs the three other computers their addresses - even the laptop sitting behind the ABS. The DHCP range is + 50.

If you want to be able to serve any data then you'll need to give one of your computers a static IP address - 192.168.1. < 100. Then you can forward a particular range of ports to that computer (setup in Linksys). Port 80 is HTTP. In order to do video conferencing I had to forward two ports to my laptop.

Both Airport and most Linksys routers can do PPPoE, which is required for many DSL ISPs. You can setup the PPPoE to always be connected. I just pick up the laptop at anytime and anyplace and jump on the web! No manual login.

Everything I have talking about is platform agnostic. Our windblows machine can access the web with the Macs. We could even by a Lucent wireless card that works with the Airport.

Hope this helps.