I have an access front end to a MSSQL database, with all its various components amalgamated into a .adp format, which I use to update a database.
Basically, I'd like to port this over to my Mac running OS X. Is there a programme that can read this file, or is there a way of exporting it to another format before getting it onto my Mac?

The best way is to dump it out as a SQL file, clean it up and import in MySQL, PostgreSQL or what ever database server you want to use.

Would be easier to give you help if you could be a little more specific about what you want to do with it?
It's an online SQL database. I can't transfer it to MYSQL, because it would mean a HUGE amount of changing websites from ASP to PHP unfortunately. I use the access file to upload data into the database, so it has lots of views set up etc, which need to be preserved.