Alcatel adsl modem drivers


A month ago I was a happy MacOS X user, but then I got ADSL through an Alcatel Speed Touch USB modem and I've been forced to use MacOS 9 ever since, Alcatel says it is releaceing drivers in the begining of November but it is so hard to wait.

I would like to know if others have had this problem, I've tryed to connect through classic but OS X won't allow me to open the remote access program, maybe someone knows of any beta drivers or another way to connect through classic?
Don't know about the drivers; Alcatel's site only seems to have the 9.x drivers. But they do have the Speed TouchTM Home that outputs on ethernet instead of USB. Perhaps your provider has some way for you to trade up?? A quick read of the user guide suggests that the worst that you'd have to deal with on that model is PPoE, but MacOSX supports PPPoE natively; no drivers neccessary.

At any rate, November is only 4 days away... :)

Good Luck!