Alias in the doc?


One of the great new thing with Final vs Beta was supposed to be the ability to navigate the content of folders on the dock via a menu... fine.
Unfortunatly, doesnt seem to work with folder alias... if I put one in the doc, no menu appears when I click&hold it; if I put one inside a folder in the dock, no submenu appear for it...
Any way around it? because if docked folders are supposed to replace the apple menu (in itself a good idea), having them working with alias would be cool... bit pointless otherwise.

It works for me on the 4k78(final) that I run here...? I tried a few things to get it to fail but it worked every time.
I'm using aliases of my hard drives so that I can have custom icons. No problems for me.
Okay, aliases to folders might not work... but why would you need to put an alias in the dock? The whole thing about the dock is that it doesn't actually store your folder in there, it just.. uh.. makes an alias to it. So you shouldn't NEED to put a folder alias in the dock.

VGZ... I couldn't even change icons on my aliases? Is there something special you did, or is it just another incident of it working for one person and not another?
Here is what I did:

1. Make a new folder.
2. Make an alias of it for each hard drive.
3. Paste the icons you want to use and rename the aliases.
4. Use info to select a new original and choose the hard drive.

NOTE: if you restart the dock will change from the alias to the original.

Have fun,
Its putting aliases in a folder in the dock which is a problem... worse: in list view, I cant expand aliases of folders! (works in column view though)
Has anybody had similar problems?


Please, elaborate on what you are trying to do, because if I understand it correctly, you may be making one step you don't need.

As I have it setup i created a new folder under my users/home/Documents folder and named it for whatever was going to be placed there (for instance, Design Apps) i then created aliases on the fly (hold down command+option as you drag the icon) of all the apps I wanted in that group. Then I dragged the folder to the Dock, which automatically makes an alias, of sorts. Now if I click and hold on the folder I see the contents of the folder i created in Documents.

You can also go in and change the icon for the folder you created and then drag it to the Dock and the new icon will be there as well.

if that isn't what you wanted to do, then please give me some more information as to what you are trying to accomplish.
what you describe in your post works on my comp, and I use it. The problem is not with app alias, but with folder aliases.
For exemple, suppose I want in a folder in the dock:
-an alias of each of my HD
-an alias of my documents folder
-an alias of each of my Apps folders (OS9 and OS9)

Do do that, I create an empty folder somewhere in my document folder, I name it 'Menu' or something, drags aliases of the HD/folders mentioned above to it, and place the 'Menu' folder in the dock. Up to there, fine.
BUT if I click-and-hold on the 'Menu' folder in the dock, I only get the list of the aliases in it; no submenu. If I have, say, Dreamweaver in the OS9 app folder, I can only get to it by selecting "OS9 apps", waiting for the folder to open in the Finder, and THEN, double-click on the dreamweaver icon... pretty annoying.
Basicaly, it forces me to make aliases of all of my apps manualy, instead of just making ONE of my apps folders.

Additionaly, try making an alias of a folder somewhere, and then go into list view: you wont be able to expand the alias. See included pict for exemple:


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Okay, I understand what you're saying, but I think you're trying to do too much when all you need is simplicity.

I currently have two primary Applications Folders, one for OS X Apps and one for OS 9 Apps. inside of either of those are Folders dividing each set of applications into smaller categories. For this purpose, let's look at just one, Design Apps (in which is PhotoShop, Illustartor, InDesign, Acrobat, and a host of smaller helper apps).

I can drag the Applications (OS 9) Folder to the Dock. An alias of that Folder is created there automatically. By clicking and holding on that Folder I get a pop-up of all the subdivision folder underneath it, and rolling over any of those pops up a list of the apps in that folder.

Similarly, I can drag the Design Apps Folder to the Dock and by clicking and holding I get a pop up of the apps in that folder. What you are trying to do, from what I can determine, is to add one unnecessary step in between. You are trying to create another folder somewhere else, then drag an alias of ytour apps folder into it, then drag the new folder to the Dock. JUST DRAG THE ORIGINAL FOLDER. The only time creating the alias folder will work is if you just want to add application or document aliases, one at a time (which is what sme of us want to do).

The easy more direct route is to simply organize your applications folder, then drag it to the dock... viola!
still not what I would idealy like ;)
Your way of doing things work, and I use it by default, but it still has a catch: you need a docked item by folders. I want my app folder, my CD-Rom folder, my documents folder, ect..., all in one folder, in the dock, and i cant, and that makes me terribly unhappy ;)
Well, its no big deal, but it is a bug, and I just wanted to know if i was the only one with it. Oh, and its annoying not to be able to 'expend' a folder alias in list view; you could in OS9
I suppose I shall just go and submit that one on the apple web site, and hope its corrected in 10.0.1.